They're here!

Yesterday my friends Evelina & Erika came over from Sweden, yaay!! It's their first day in the US ever on our first day we went to Starbucks and guess who we saw? THE Tom Burgeron, from American funniest home videos, we we're way too excited.. and he was soo nice!!

Today after work we went out for dinner with Chelsea and Nancy at Plan B burger. Their burgers, sooo good. While waiting for our food there was a guy walking up to us, pretending to be the waiter, soo weird and probably drunk, but funny. He kept coming back and we had some really weird conversations, my friend are getting a real taste of America, hahaha.. We were giggling like silly school girls the entire night, it was a great night indeed! 

First try... 
Second try..
Finally, third try! Well done Nancy, hahaha.


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