This is for you Nancy!

Soo, my friend Nancy complained about me writing in Swedish, so I'll write this one in English. It will probably be a one time thing, (it is a swedish blog after all), but this is for you Nancy (& Chels, you've asked for it too!)

Yesterday me and N went out for dinner. I had been craving a burger from plan B ever since me and Chelsea went there on Monday (her one year anniversary, yaay!). When I suggested Plan B Nancy kind of rolled her eyes and said, "you can't go to the same restaurant twice within a week", but we went, I think she understands now - yes, you can! Their burgers are delicious. 

Anyway, we went back to my place, because I forgot to fold the kids laundry and I felt bad haha, so we went back and did it on my off time. Later the same evening Nancy and my host dad got into a really vivid conversation about books, music and movies. They made a deal about Nancy watching four of his movies and then he would read one of her books. It was a really, really random conversation..

We started a movie (not any of the ones she got from my host dad) and I feel asleep within 20 min, we were soo tired.. I was suppose to give N a ride home, but she ended up staying over instead. Good decision!

The next morning we got up, made breakfast and then we (mostly Nancy) ended up spending the entire morning playing with the kids.. They were reading books, chasing each other, riding cars. We even did a bridge for the kids to drive through, it was me, Nancy, my host mom and my host dad - all standing in a line. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it, haha!

Later on, we drove over to Chelsea's house and made tacoooos. It tasted like heaven! Chelsea even put herself on fire.. I heard a scream, looked up and both Nancy & Chelsea were laughing really hard. I said "please tell me you did not see a spider", but actually C's scarf caught on fire while she was cooking and she burnt off some off her hair. It could have gone really bad, but she lived! 

At 6 I had to go back home and work for a few hours, but C & N came over again when the kids were in bed and we ended the night watching a movie. 

I almost forgot - we booked tickets for Maroon 5 on March 8th, soo excited!!!

Just a normal dinner with the hair troll. 
Riding cars..
Then she took a break to be my personal hair dresser.
Our tunnel, hahaha. (Print screen from movie)


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