Tuesday fun

Today is Tuesday, which normally means "Super Tuesday" = half priced movie tickets ($6 - I'm not complaining...), but today we spent our money on other things instead. After work I went to pick up my very missed German girl, Laura and of course, my favorite Brit, Nancy. One of the pros of being an au pair - all the international friends you make, I personally think it's pretty awesome.. but anyway. We went to the mall, I bought a quarters map at Barnes&Nobles since I've almost collected all the quarters. It's so much fun!! (yes, I'm nerdy). Then Nancy had this not so brilliant idea of going to Forever21, because who goes to Forever21 without spending money? Not me.. I bought two new tops and I love, love, love them!! 
After our intense 30 minute shopping we drove over to Greenwich Ave and went to.. *drum roll* - yes, Starbucks. Surprising, I know, I know. I tried the peach green tea lemonade, which in fact is pretty surprising, I always go for my "Tall, freshly brewed coffee with extra room for milk, please", hahaha. It was good - too good, so I ended up buying a trenta- sized one for me and the girls to share, yuuum. It was a great night and we'll probably not forget the Starbucks- guy in the first place. "Do I look like I'm the kind of guy who cries?" hahaha. 
My quarter map! 

Our sweetheart Laaaaaaura ❤

Trenta is the prefect size if you're splitting it with two friend, but does anyone actually finish it by themselves?! America - "the bigger the better".


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